Photo credit: Senado Federal via Visual Hunt

Brazil, is a country where the politicians is under above the line of law. Yesterday the world saw this!

We have many politicians below the line of moral and ethics… and they some can´t see how bad is his actitudes.

Maybe is this way of life, cause simply they don´t know how a honesty person think, do, or behave. They is a sick.

We need to inspire us, in our English brothers or a French, if some thing are not good, they simplu vote for another person, another political party, and change the future. They showed it yesterday.

Well, yesterday here in Brazil, some judges of Supreme Court, the most hight judges of election law, vote against citizen aspiration.

And worst, they have many proofs of the crimes of ours politicians, like mr. President and the his predecessor and not was made punished.

Today our children asked us if this is normal, to be a thief to get along.

Not son, is this not normal, this guys is below the line of honestly, simple like that.